Realtree Xtra Basketweave Duck Camouflage Fabric – CAMO886


In nature, the foreground colors are sharp and crisp. The further in the background you look, the grayer and less distinct things look. That is exactly the way the Realtree Xtra pattern is printed. Darker less distinct layers in the background are covered with a clear foreground of hardwood trees with brown leaves and the occasional sprig of evergreen needles. This camo works best in late fall all the way through early spring.

This basketweave duck fabric is a rough textured, heavy-weight, very rugged fabric. If you are looking for a softer cotton feel, try our CAMO801.


priced per yard (length)

60 inches wide

50% cotton / 50% polyester

11 ounces per square yard

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Realtree Xtra Basketweave Duck Camouflage Fabric is sold by the linear yard. Your camo fabric will measure 60 inches by however many yards you enter above. The minimum order is 1 yard. Whenever possible, we will ship your order in one piece.

Additional information

Weight5 oz


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