108-inch Black Cotton Quilting Fabric – 3-yard Cut – Q835


This is a 3-yard long piece of the 108-inch wide version of our popular 44-inch wide Q202. So the fabric comes in a 3 yards by 3 yards square piece. We sold out of Q202 at $10.90 per yard (including shipping). This fabric is 2.45 times wider than Q202. So if we were to sell it for the same price per square yard, it would be over $26 per yard or over $78 for three yards. We are selling each piece for $53.55.

3 yards

108 inches wide

100% cotton

4.4 ounces per square yard

6 in stock


108-inch Black Cotton Quilting Fabric is sold in 3-yard long pieces. Your fabric will measure 108 inches wide. So one piece is a square measuring 3 yards on a side.

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