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True Timber XD3 Camouflage FabricTrue Timber XD3 Camouflage Fabric

2 Yards of True Timber XD3 Camouflage Fabric – BB242


This is an exceptionally well executed True Timber XD3 pattern. The fabric is sheer. If you hold it up to the light, you can see through it. I am guessing that it is polyester, but I am not sure of that. It is a woven fabric – not a mesh, but you can see the gaps in the weave. This fabric is in the bargain basement for two reasons. First of all, we only have these two yards. Secondly, I am not really sure what the fabric is.

2 yards long

55 inches wide

5oz. Chambray Denim Shirting Fabric5oz. Chambray Denim Shirting Fabric

Chambray Denim Shirting Fabric – DEN967


A lightweight and light colored denim fabric – almost can’t call it a denim – more of a quilting fabric – great for shirts, curtains and for down south. This lightweight denim shirting will help keep you cool! Pair it up with a heavier denim fabric for all of your denim sewing projects.

priced per yard (length)

65 wide

90% cotton / 10% nylon

5 ounces per square yard

Classic Buck Corduroy FabricClassic Buck Corduroy Fabric

Classic Buck Corduroy Fabric – CORD05


This classic is an 8 wales per inch Corduroy Fabric in tan or khaki color – worn by dapper men around the globe – soft cotton keeps it comfortable yet stylish. How about a nice coat for you?!

priced per yard (length)

60 inches wide

100% cotton

9-10 ounces per square yard

Cow Print FabricCow Print Fabric

Cow Print Fabric – CAMO457


Feel like a Cowboy in this black and white Cow Print Fabric! This animal print camo has a low knap and slinky back to it. If you are making Halloween costumes this year, it would be a great Cow.

priced per yard (length)

60 inches wide

100% polyester

7-8 ounces per square yard

J Crew Hi Lo Corduroy FabricJ Crew Hi Lo Corduroy Fabric

J Crew Hi Lo Corduroy Fabric – CORD06


This corduroy has 3 hi and 3 lo wales per inch A beautiful soft faced corduroy fabric in an olive or dark brown color (a green brown) – made by J Crew – a hit with young people (and me!) all over. The soft, heavy cotton mixed with 4% spandex keeps it comfortable and warm yet stylish. How about a nice pea coat for you?

priced per yard (length)

60 inches wide

96% cotton / 4% spandex

10-11 ounces per square yard

NEXT Bonz Twill Camouflage FabricNEXT Bonz Twill Camouflage Fabric

NEXT Bonz Twill Camouflage Fabric – BB223


This is just a fun fabric. We have one customer who uses it to make aprons. How cool is that? The fabric is a mid-weight twill.

priced per yard (length)

60 inches wide

polyester/cotton blend

7 ounces per square yard