This page has loads of cotton ticking fabrics for all projects! Use the lightweight poplin and flannel tickings for curtains pillows and dresses; the traditional ticking fabrics for upholstery; the feather proof ticking fabrics for pillows and down feather upholstery projects.

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Woven Ticking Fabric in RedWoven Ticking Fabric in Red

Ticking Stripe Cotton Twill Fabric in Red – TCK7


Yarn-dyed, woven cotton ticking fabric – to cover those pillows – or make them, this fabric is soft – not like TCK3 which is made to keep the feathers out – this is made for designers things like pillows and handbags, also great for upholstery, too! Ticking was frequently used in the past for mattress covers (mattress ticking) and pillows (pillow ticking) because its tight weave prevented feathers and straw from working their way out. The woven stripes and tight weave are what identify ticking fabric.

priced per yard (length)

44 inches wide

100% cotton

9 ounces per square yard

Care and feeding: Machine wash warm with like colors, use non chlorine bleach, tumble dry warm or line dry.