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True Timber Tan XD3 CamoouflageTrue Timber Tan XD3 Camoouflage

True Timber XD3 Camoouflage Polyester Satin Fabric – CAMO666


True Timber XD3 Camouflage polyester satin dress fabric! This camo fabric is slinky – perfect for wedding or prom! True Timber has really outdone itself on this great camo fabric! There is a 2 yard piece and two 1 yard pieces left. That’s a total of 4 yards available. True Timber has discontinued this pattern, so we have moved it to the Bargain Basement.

priced per yard (length)

60 inches wide

100% polyester

2.5 ounces per square yard

White Frozen Snowflake Organza FabricWhite Frozen Snowflake Organza Fabric

White Frozen Snowflake Organza Fabric – ORG11


This organza fabric was sold to us as a “Frozen Snowflake” fabric. Do you think they might be trying to ride the wave of the Disney Frozen movie? Yeah, they probably are. What of it? If your little princess needs a dress, what better than this great Frozen Snowflake organza? Only 4 yards left.

priced per yard (length)

59 inches wide

100% polyester

less than 1 ounces per square yard