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Real Tree Camo Interface Lining FabricReal Tree Camo Interface Lining Fabric

Realtree Hardwoods Camo Lining Fabric – CAMO487


Realtree Camo Interface Lining Fabric – this fabric feels like a cross between tissue paper and cotton – not sure of the content, guessing it’s a polyester. It would be great for linings or curtains maybe – ask for a sample to see for yourself. Only 2 yards left.

priced per yard (length)

60 inches wide

3-4 ounces per square yard

Realtree MAX-4 Camouflage Twill FabricRealtree MAX-4 Camouflage Twill FabricOut Of Stock

Realtree MAX-4 Camouflage Twill Fabric – CAMO806


This is a one-time offer. There are only 11 yards available. Once they are gone, we are out of stock.

The Realtree MAX-4 pattern is designed to offer maximum effectiveness as waterfowl camo in any open terrain. Realtree boasts that their MAX-4 pattern has the largest camo artwork on the market. The back of this fabric is white. Like the other Realtree twills in this series, this camo fabric is the perfect weight for your general apparel needs. It is heavy enough for pants, but still light enough for a shirt.

I can’t believe I am writing this, but we are out of this fabulous fabric and I don’t know if we will be able to get more. Several years ago, Realtree created the MAX-5 pattern to replace MAX-4. Among the large apparel producers, this transition is pretty much complete. As a result, the fabric manufacturers are no longer making MAX-4. We do have the MAX-5 pattern in the same twill fabric. It is CAMO804.

priced per yard (length)

59 inches wide

60% cotton / 40% polyester

7 ounces per square yard

Realtree MAX-5 Camouflage Twill FabricRealtree MAX-5 Camouflage Twill Fabric

Realtree MAX-5 Camouflage Twill Fabric – CAMO900


The Realtree MAX-5 pattern is designed to hide you in any environment in which you might want to hunt for waterfowl. Duck hunters can disappear into wetlands or grassy fields. The back of this fabric is white.

This fabric is similar to our standard CAMO804, MAX-5 twill, but – to my feel – it is a little heavier, and has a little more texture. My supplier insists that it the same weight, but I really don’t think it is. The color is also a little different. This fabric has more of a gray tinge, whereas CAMO804 is more brown.

priced per yard (length)

59 inches wide

55% cotton / 45% polyester

8 ounces per square yard

Realtree Xtra Basketweave Duck Camouflage FabricRealtree Xtra Basketweave Duck Camouflage Fabric

Realtree Xtra Basketweave Duck Camouflage Fabric – CAMO886


In nature, the foreground colors are sharp and crisp. The further in the background you look, the more gray and less distinct things look. That is exactly the way the Realtree Xtra pattern is printed. Darker less distinct layers in the background are covered with a clear foreground of hardwood trees with brown leaves and the occasional sprig of evergreen needles. This camo works best in late fall all the way through early spring.

This basketweave duck fabric is a rough textures, heavy-weight, very rugged fabric. If you are looking for a softer cotton feel, try our CAMO801.

priced per yard (length)

60 inches wide

50% cotton / 50% polyester

11 ounces per square yard